Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For the most part, the boys get along really well. They are always looking out for Jacob, and they love having someone to tackle, tease, and be a boy with...

Jacob in trouble....

 Jacob got the stool from my bathroom and climbed up the pile of DI stuff and onto the table...

I came in and ask what he was doing and he just grinned and said "being tall".

School Supplies!!!

The kids were so excited about our first Homeschool supply shipment.  They kept asking when school starts...not the case now :)

Caleb and my new mop....

I got a new mop for mothers day, and now Caleb fights me to mop everytime!!

Fathers day!

The kids were so excited, we got Dad lots of new things from Harbor Freight and some new shorts too!

Joseph practicing with the Salt Lake BEEs!!!!

 Standing in line to have a turn...

 Joes throw!

 One of the players saying hi to Hannah and Caleb :)
 In the dugout.

 Joseph was done having pictures taken :)
 With one of the players!


 Jacob LOVES the horses!  Romeo is always so good about coming to say hi to the kids.

 Grandpa got a new puppy named "pooch", and Sarah was in heaven.
 Even the grocery store is fun in bluebell....

 Caleb put his foot through the knee of his pants...
 Sundance decided Romeo wasn't going to get all the attention.

Memories from Altamont High School

 In front of Uncle Steve's classroom
 In the Auditorium
 In front of Shawns locker

 With the Long horn
 It was Tommy's graduation....
They are tearing down the school to build a new one...

Joseph doing the flag ceremony at Entheos

 Joseph got to carry the flag for the ceremony!
 Lined up before it started...
Outside afterward.

It's a SHE!!!!

 Waiting for Jacob to hand them their candybar....
 The reaction from the candybar!!!
The Ultrasound pic and the candybar :)