Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Craft

My kids don't like pie, so we made these "pie cupcakes" instead for them.

Mine/Jacobs Mayflower boat

These were really easy and fun! We wanted to do something that was not a turkey... the boats rock back and forth like they are on the water when you bump them.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jacob decided to eat the paint...
Hannah was the only one who wanted to carve her pumpkin this year.

Jacob painting


Sarah and Joseph

Logan and Jacob in the corn

All our fun cousins that came to the pumpkin patch with us.

Hannah and Jacob

Hannah and Joseph


Jacobs nursery Halloween party...he wasn't a willing participant.

We had a fun Halloween week! We went to the pumpking patch with Dennis, Brenda, Kian, Kaden, LeAnn, Rachael, and Logan. Then for Halloween we went to Orem and Played at Trafalga and then went to Grandma Richins house and had pizza and went trick or treating with Ryan, Heather, Ari, Natalie, Shaun and Grandma! (Pictures of costumes to come... when camera found)

Friday, November 25, 2011

The elk hunt....

My Girls
My Boys

The elk

Joseph splitting wood. (I split some for the first time too!!!)

I was dumb again... I let him talk me into going on the hunt again. So, we went up and stayed in the trailer, froze, ate good food, played in the dirt and ashes, and went on few family horse rides. oh, and Shawn got two elk.

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Coles wedding!!!

"George" is actually good for something.....none of the clothes got mixed up, wrinkled, or lost before we used them. :)

Jessica and Cole got married!!! It took a lot of planning to get us all dressed, pretty, and down to the temple on time. It was a fun day and we had a party!

Ogden Dino Museum

All the crew






We went to the dino museum with Smyths and Tippetts! It was tons of fun and needed to be longer... They loved the dinos, the playground, and the cool gems too.

Funny Jacob....

Caleb and Jacob... our "busy boys"
Jacob reading a book

He fell asleep... while I made dinner.

Jacob couldn't wait for me to help Caleb get dressed before he climbed in...

Jacob taking a nap on Calebs bum :)

We always end up with tons of pictures of Jacob because all of us love taking pictures of the funny things he does....

Knights of Freedom Summitt

Josephs shield he made

Sarahs pretty hair

Joseph got to go to knights of freedom summitt this year. He and I were SO excited. It went for two days, and was all about being a "knight" and the skills it would take to be an honorable man. The last part was a battle of the knights against the villans in a huge field. It was fun to watch and the knights won! Then we had a huge dinner with all the families and an awards ceremony too. We even dressed up the other kids as pages and ladies... It was great.