Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jacob's Boo Boo

You can't see it that great.... but Jacob took two identical falls today and did a number on his head! He LOVES to play outside, but that proves to be dangerous for him.. He hit the middle of his forhead on the sidewalk SOOO hard twice, and has a HUGE bruise and "blood marks" to prove he is tough. :( But, he looks really cute in his frog towel..... :)

From Chicks..... to chickens!

Well, they grew up like all things do.... They are now about full grown and ready to lay eggs in about 6 weeks! We all love to watch them explore the yard, fight over bugs, get scared and RUN for their coop, and they are so curious and friendly... I am pleasantly surprised. :)

Joe's first pack meeting!!

Tug of War

Shoe relay

Joseph reading the "cheer card" After getting his awards

Joseph was SOOO excited for his first pack meeting! He was so excited to get his awards and to "be like the other boys". They had lots of fun and he is all geared up to work on scouts!