Friday, November 13, 2009

Hannah the Chef

Hannah has been begging me for a month to let her make chocolate covered pretzels. (because lilly did) I didn't have chocolate chips and always forgot to buy any, but I remembered and Hannah had a blast melting her chocolate and dipping each pretzel and put it on the wax paper. All of us totally LOVED her skills!

school projects this month

For science this year we are doing biology... I hate biology!!! We have hatched sea monkeys, are watching an ant farm, and today we did experiments with worms!!! We are yet to dissect things... The kids seem to like it.

In English we talked about the book "The hungry Caterpillar" Then the kids got to make these really cute ones of their own.

This month we talked about the 1700-1800's when new ideas were starting. The kids got to make their own inventions.... this is what they came up with.

Sarah made an automatic watering system for her flower garden.

Joseph made a giant tube to get his cars from the floor to his car bin (easier) :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, it is official. #5 is a boy due the last week of March or the first week of April!
(a shot of me at 19 weeks)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The finished works of art...

Carving pumpkins this year was a HUGE deal (not knowing that before hand...) Sarah and Caleb said they wanted to paint their pumpkins, not carve them. So, Shawn started the carving kids, and I started the painting kids.

Hannah decided what she wanted to do, cleaned out the pumpking, cut it out, and then decided to paint it... so she headed to the table to paint.

Joe decided that the inside of a pumpkin looks like barf and he was not going to clean it out, and Shawn was determined that he was going to... After all that (30 min), Joes pumpkin was so thick that it took him 30 min. just to cut it out.... but it looked great!

Sarah painted then washed it off twice before being satisfied with the "look". Then... decided to carve it too. She also decided that she coudn't clean it out without barfing, and I "caved" and cleaned it.

By this point Caleb (who had been slightly unattended) had painted the pumpkin, table, chair, his paint shirt, and the floor. I began cleaning up that project and told him we were done. That caused a HUGE two year old issue that lasted FOREVER. When it was over he wanted to carve his - like joe. So, we then proceed to carve his.... well we don't own a knife that would go through the pumpkin. So.... Shawn got out his drill and skill saw! It turned out great and it worked really well seeing as Calebs pumpkin was 6 in. thick!!!

After all that we ate lunch, took a small "break" and then began getting into costumes. Sarah is Kaya - from american girls books, Joseph is the grim reaper, Hannah is a rock star - not hannah montana, Caleb is a dinosaur, and I was a black cat - the kids said "a pregnant cat". It took me FOREVER to dress, make up, and accesorize all four of them! By the time we were done we had 15 min to get to the trunk or treat. Overall it was a fun holiday and we have LOTS of memories...

Halloween Cookies

For "Fun Friday" we made sugar cookies, frosted them, and then delivered them to some families in our ward. The kids had a blast, and I'm sure the neighbors loved them...