Friday, January 9, 2009

this has SAVED our family!!!

This is something that I got from another homeschool mom, but it could work for anyone. It has truly changed our house. We still have minor issues, but at least there is a set punishment and also reward system in place that everyone knows about. The kids have DRAMATICALLY changed their behavior and attitudes toward us and each other.

It works like this: Each day they start out at a 3 and they move up and down depending on their behavior and obedience. Each number has a list of what is aloud at that level, and there is also a list of things that move them up and a list that moves them down. At our house if they are at a 5 when they are headed to bed they choose something out of the prize box. It has coupons for different things like time with mom and dad alone, free chore, 30 min. of TV or computer game time, and also there are dimes, 10 cent candies, and 10 cent toys or stickers. The kids love being rewarded at the end of each day(if they earn it) and we love the consistancy.

Caleb is our fireman

These are two of the 5 firetrucks that Caleb has. He is in love with them, and plays with them all the time. We were doing reading today and he went to his room and got these and started playing by himself, it was so cute we had to take a few shots.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

If you have never been to Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum you are missing out!!!! We spent 5 hours in there!!! and I was dragging them out at that time. Here are some pics from all the fun.

Hannah is FOUR!!!

These are some shots from Hannah's Princess Party!!! They were so cute and it was the first time Hannah was GIRLY.

Richins Nativity

Evcry year at the Richins we act out the nativity. It is very comical and the kids love it.

Home school cooking class!

This month we are studying Europe, so today for lunch we made pizzas!!!! They tasted great and looked great too!

Lights at Temple Square

Jessica had a Choir performance at Joseph Smith Memorial Building and we went to hear her. After that, we got to look at the lights and nativities with Grandma and Grandpa Richins and Jessica. Afterwards we went to the childrens exibit in the Church History Museum. It was lot of fun!!!

playing in the snow!!!

The kids and I went out and played in the snow today and then I pulled them around the block on the sled. It was quite the party....