Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fausett Reunion

Sego lilly!!!
We just talked about the state flower, and went up to camp and there they were!!! I wanted to take one home, but was told that was illegal. :( So, when someone else decided to do it, I took these pictures.

Caleb and Jacob could not get enough of the water at camp. :) By the last day I let them go to town and they had a blast!

My cute kids at our camp

While I was cleaning up to go the three littlest sat down in the chairs all tired and just watched. :)

Caleb first thing in the cold morning :)

Hannah and Jacob in their bed

We had a great time with no injuries and no fights (from adults).

chick-fil-a here we come!!!

Chick-fil-a frequently does "free food" days. This one was a dress like a cow and get a free meal day. So, we printed out the costume, cut them all out, taped and hung them on, and drove to chick-fil-a. Shawn even wore one (sorry no pictures of us or jacob) They gave us all a free meal and we had a GOOD night!

Our civil war!!!

We just finished our chapters on the Civil War. To make sure we "got the idea" :) we had our own civil war with marshmallow guns! We had the boys against girls (family against family) and I dumped a HUGE pile of marshmallows in the middle of the yard (ensuring that everyone would have to be a "target" at some point) :) And we went at it... I have my own gun and did not choose sides, so I could shoot everyone!!! It lasted at least a half hour and the yard was COVERED with marshmallows! It was great!

Jacob figured out how to go up the ladder and down the slide while we had our war! What a fun day! :)

Thanks grandma for the marshmallow guns!!!!!

our 4th of july...

cole's smoulder...
no explanation

Ari watching the hot air balloons fill up

Ari getting dads hat :)

Ok, so I was a super lame mom and didn't take any pictures of my own kids. But, I did get some of my cute niece and my soon to be brother in law! We got up at 5:00am and drove down to Provo to watch the hot air balloon launch... Just after they started filling the balloons a huge gust of wind came and they all packed back up and didn't even do the launch :( We were all sad and dissapointed, but we decided to go to the parade instead. It was already WAY packed and hot so that only lasted 20 min. So, we went back to my moms and got out her slip and slide, sprinklers, and water balloons. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed the chatting... After dinner we did fireworks (lit by shaun and ryan in the rain) and then came home happy and tired. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The girls are off to Bluebell for a week....

Sarah and Hannah got to go stay at grandma and grandpa Fausetts farm for a week! They have had so much fun! They rode the donkeys, had a tea party, went to cars 2, fished, and had a sleepover with their cousins.

While the girls were gone we did some fun things too. We ate lunch at the park every day, we went to see cars 2 (after being jealous of the girls), went shooting by the lake, and went bowling. Joseph beat Caleb the first game, but Caleb totally kicked his trash the second.

Jacob had fun pushing the ball ramp around...

Fathers and Sons!!!

Caleb got all worn out and fell asleep around the camp fire. :)

The boys had a blast and had all sorts of cool stories to tell me. They even took pictures with the chain saw to try to scare me. :)

Saturdays with Shaun and Natalie

Caleb in his soccer uniform
Uncle Shaun decided to wear Hannahs pink helmet...

Uncle Shaun with all the kids on the teeter totter

Caleb has had Soccer games every Saturday for two months. Uncle Shaun and Natalie came up every week and watched the game and then sometimes would come back to the house and play with us! It was GREAT!!!

Lego Day at the library

the library had a guy come with buckets and buckets of legos... the kids got to build a "car" to race down a big track. They had a blast and never wanted to leave.

My Cute Kiddos...

My two tornados....

Fun Friday Sleepover night!!!!

In the HUGE camping chair they wanted me to buy... :)