Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First "real" SNOW!!!!

The kids woke up to snow and couldn't wait to go out. They are just barely getting over the flu so I told them they had 20 min. and they had to dress TOTALLY warm. Well, they had tons of fun and made a snowman in that time too!
This is what Caleb is doing during the snowman and the first picture. Then we convinced him to get in the second one... he takes the snow from the grass and dumps it on the sidewalk. :)

They really wanted to sled, but there was just not enough snow...

Princess Hannah

Hannah went to a birthday party and came home looking like this.... She was so cute and we had to take some pictures so dad could see what she looked like. She is growing up so fast!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, Sarah got it.... She is so upset because now she has to miss the primary program tomorrow. The other kids aren't upset at all, but Sarah keeps coming up with ways that she can still go and do her part, like: "mom, I could stand out in the hall and then run in and do my part and then run out and we can go home." " I could just wear one of those masks on my face and do my part." "I am going to think of someway mom, just wait!" Anyway, here we are... AND I didn't know that you are contagious for SEVEN days after you show symptoms! That means we don't even start being normal until TUESDAY!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, we got it.... ALL! Last week was a great week. Shawn had a doctors appointment on Friday, then Tuesday and Wednesday. I had an OB appointment Thursday, and Shawn had an out patient surgery Friday. We started to put our lives back together Saturday and Caleb came down with the flu on Sunday. By Tuesday Hannah and Joseph had it, and it is still going!!! All them have had temperatures in the 104. ? and we have gone through three bottles of Iuprofen and Tylenol. I am getting no sleep and way too much "needing" (Sarah informed me that this is just practice for when the baby gets here...) Shawn, Sarah and I are just praying that we don't get it, and we are taking our Mona Vie VERY CONSISTANTLY. Anyway, just had to share our little piece of heaven with someone (or anyone who wanted to read it...)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Caleb doesn't think that he needs naps anymore... him at 5pm on the couch.

Caleb Is OBSESSED with Lightning Mcqueen. He watches it and plays it all day.

This is Calebs new hobbie / talent. He ask me for his OWN paints to paint a picture. I was in the middle of school and didn't want to, but he wouldn't settle for that... So, I got him an old paint set and some paper and a cup of water... He sat there for over an hour painting pictures. He doesn't mix the colors, he always rinses the brush between the colors, he wets the paint that is too dry, and he tells you what color he is using each time. It was so cute and amazing to see his talent and skill in something that I thought would just be another mess.

Calebe LOVES cleo, and she likes the extra attention...

Caleb is one of the hardest and funniest kids I have had the pleasure of raising... He is always busy, always "right" and he is learning new things every minute and telling you about it. He and I are not always friends, but sometimes he is just plain cute! Here are a few examples...

State Fair!

Sarah LOVED the goats!
Caleb driving the tractor.

Hannah driving her tractor.

Joseph driving his tractor.

The kids singing with a "state fair performer".

We went to the State Fair with the Tippetts! The kids had a blast, and we got to see EVERYTHING before they would leave. The downside to that was that it started to rain after we were on the other side of the park... It rained for hours! We finally had to just make a run for the car and get a free shower... The kids loved it.


Caleb dressed up as a pioneer and running to play with the climbing bear.

Caleb running to catch up...

Joe getting water for the girls.

Hannah tending the horse.

Sarah tending the sheep.

The last week of September and the first week of October we drove to Nauvoo to visit Shawn's parents on their mission. It was a great vacation overall, and the kids never wanted to leave. Here are just a few pics from the fun.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General Conference!

This October conference was so wonderful! I actually got to listen to all but two of the talks, and I was so inspired and felt the spirit through so many talks. I couldn't help feeling that there is a pressing urgency to get our home in order though. Things are coming to a head sooner than I think I would like. But anyway, it was so relaxing and enjoyable. One of my favorite moments was when Sarah came upstairs where I was watching and showed me her note book that she had been taking notes in all by herself. I had provided coloring and activity pages, bingo cards, pictures of the general authorities of the church for them to circle as they talked, and treats to eat. But, Sarah decided to take her own notes! I was so proud!
Anyway, I also love general conference for the traditions that are part of my life. When I was growing up, we would always get the garden ready in spring conference, and take it down in the Fall. Seasons have changed enough that we don't do that anymore, but I still loved it. Also, we make cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning! That is the tradition that I have faithfully followed my whole life (who wouldn't) My kids, Shawn and I look forward to and love Sunday morning breakfast. The kids all fight to help make them, and I just fight to eat them all...
Hey, if you have some great ideas for LITTLE kids to do during conference, let me know. I haven't found any that work longer than an hour... :)