Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas school week 2

Calebs decorations...
My two cookies :)

Jacob's gingerbread experience...

This week we are learning about gingerbread! We learned where it came from and all the things that have been made from it. We also read two CUTE books called "gingerbread baby" and "gingerbread friends". Then we made gingerbread houses! We will be making gingerbread men/women too!

Christmas School week 1

This week we learned about snowflakes! It was so interesting! We looked at pictures of real snowflakes, looked at some under our microscope, made glittler ones, and made snow icecream!

our Christmas tree...

As like every other year... We went out to "the basin" to get our tree. To make a LONG story short, this is Shawn, Joseph, Hannah, and Caleb cutting down our tree while Sarah, Jacob, and I wait down at the bottom. :)

My kids are great!

My cute kids did all of dinner the other night! Joseph did the cheese sandwiches, Hannah made the tomato soup, Sarah set the table, and Caleb did the ice water!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

it's been a while....

So it has been a while so I have a lot to update. So, here goes....
We learned all about the Indians who lived in America before us...

We learned Indians chants and ate Indian food. I also was crazy and added to our Indian costumes so that all the kids have a full set.

We finished our playhouse (I will try to post finished pics later)
We "landed at Plymouth rock" and made our mark.

The kids finally got to hold their first cousin on the Richins side! Her name is Arianna and she was born 10 weeks early. The girls were in heaven! (especially Hannah)

We had a "grandma day" with Grandma Richins (while dad was gone on the elk hunt for two weeks) And a Aunt Jess day too! We took them both to our favorite park.

Jacob was totally tired out...
Jacob now has 5 teeth and is eating like a monster!!!

We learned about Columbus and made our own Nina, Pinta, and Santa maria boats in a bottle.

We TAMED our dragons, and loved it!

The yard is all cleaned up and ready for winter!

Jacob experienced his first snow and sledding!

And that would get you up to date..... Kind of. Thanks for looking!