Tuesday, June 17, 2008

princess CLEO

This is our dog Cleo. She is dressing up as a princess today, thanks to Sarah. Sarah wanted everyone to see her!

Home School Science Fair

To end the year, we had a party and science fair. These are the pictures of the kids with their posters.

Joes birthday!!!

Okay, I am a little behind, but here are some shots from Joes birthday. He was really excited to get a new bike AND to help build it with Dad. His cake was a Geo Trax train cake!

calebs cool hair before his haircut

This is a fun shot of his hair before I cut it off.

caleb the mountain climber

Caleb had decided that he can climb anything. He can't walk, but the is another story. Anyway, these are his latest adventures.

New Addition to our Farm

HERE SHE IS!!! She is so small and cute!!! She was born 6/16/08 at around 9:00pm. Both mom and baby are doing well. The kids are already in love with her, and can't wait to go play with her every day. We decided to name her RAIN, so the mom is named Spirit - from the movie, and the baby is Rain - from the movie too.