Thursday, March 31, 2011

Princess Amerah

The girls and I (and our girly friends) went to see Princess Amerah! She was so cute and quite the princess! The girls loved it and wished they knew her whole song....

Monthly Reports

Every month the kids get to do an oral report. This month was on tall tales. Sarah chose El Dorado and Joseph chose Paul Bunyan. It is always so fun to listen to them and watch them "present" themselves and their report.


Jacob turned one this week! He is so cute and fun. He loves to tease, get into things, play with the kids, and make noise. He is almost walking and has finally learned to crawl "normal". We are so glad we have him!
(I love the frog towel I made :) )

The kids exibit at the Church History Museum

This week we went to the new exibit at the Church History Museum. It is Awesome! The kids would have stayed all day if I let them. We went with our friends so it was even more fun! There are dresses and headbands for the girls, vests for the boys, games, activities, etc..... GO SEE IT!!

Ice cream for Jacob

Jacob got his first ice cream cone with ice cream in it.... He loved it obviously. And, now he won't touch a cone without ice cream. :)

Sunday activities

Some Sundays we have peace and love.... but there are the other 99 that the kids want me to entertain them all day and to let them do activities that we have decided are not Sunday activities for us. This Sunday however I was getting ready and realized that the kids were very quiet. I went into the livingroom and found all the kids building with legos and getting along great. They did that for almost 3 hours and were sharing so amazingly the whole time. It was heaven on earth for three hours.... :)

Sarah the big sister

Sarah has become such a good helper and big sister. She is such a patient and loving babysitter. She is a HUGE help with Caleb when my short fuse has run out. :) I can't believe she is almost 10!

Friday, March 18, 2011


For breakfast I made these super cute rainbow pancakes that the kids LOVED and ask for them the next day too (i said no, too much prep)
For lunch we had green mac n' cheese. TOTALLY disgusting and hard to eat.....

But... for dinner we had little shamrock garlic rolls, Broccoli soup, sprite (thanks mom) and rainbow sherbet for dessert! It was wonderful!
The day was really fun and GREEN. All the kids dressed in green and for school we did a paper titled "If I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I would...." They had some pretty cute ideas and thought really hard about it. Sarah said she would save animals, give to charities, travel the world, and buy a city. Joseph said he would buy his mom and dad a mansion, and then buy himself a DS and some Pokemon games. Hannah said she would keep it safe and then she would buy fun things. Caleb said he would buy a dragon, a lightning mcqueen, and a night furry. Yeah for holidays!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The two little monsters....

These are my two little monsters... They are ALWAYS busy, noisy, and finding ways to bug everyone else. :) Next year we will all be in trouble. :)

Making smoothies

The kids are really into a smoothie mood lately. They can be found making smoothies almost everyday.

Joe is going to be 8 soon!

Joseph is turning 8 soon and we got to go to the Blue and Gold Banquet for the scouts. He was and is SOOO excited to turn 8 and to go into scouts!

The daddy...

These are two of the things you will see the daddy at this house do almost every day. He LOVES to snuggle the kids and I. And, he "gets" to study and read a lot for school.

Valentines Day

These are my pretty flowers from my cute husband on Valentines day! When we first got married I was working at Flower Patch, and really got tired of ROSES. So, he is always so good to get a beautiful mix of flowers. :)

For Valentines night we got a babysitter for the kids, bought them heart pizza and smore pizza, and then we went out to dinner. It was so nice to be ALONE and to talk and eat good food.

My little Mommy

This is how you will find Hannah at all hours of the day... She takes at LEAST 4 babies with her all through the house and wants so badly for me to let her take them with us on errands. :) Today she has 5 There is the huge "oldest daughter" then there is a sets of newborn twins in the carrier, and then another set of older twins that have their own carriers. :) AND... as you can see she is pregnant with another one "due in a couple months". :)
Jacob is Hannahs FAVORITE doll. Ever since he was "sturdy" enough for her to hold she has been his second mom. She gets him out of the crib (very interesting to watch), she feeds him bottles and babyfood, she plays with him off and on all day, and she is the first one to come to his rescue whenever he whines. :) (right now he weighs 23 lbs and she weighs 32 lbs)

my childrens lovely picture taking skills....

Hannah and Caleb LOVE to steal my phone and take picture of everything and anything..... here are some for this week. :)