Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mona Vie

Okay, I was really not going to put this on our blog, but I can't help it! This product is amazing!!! (short history of me) My whole life I have had hip pain, knee pain, headaches, and recently after falling down my in-laws porch-LOTS of back pain. I started taking Mona Vie and after two weeks I wasn't taking my 2 800mg IB profen anymore for my back OR my headaches. Also, I started thinking about it and I hadn't had any hip or knee pain either! Then, the greatest thing happened! I started my period and I DIDN'T get cramps! I have had REALLY BAD cramps my "whole life" and I don't have them anymore. I also sleep better which means that I feel better and have more energy too. My whole family has only gotten sick 1 time since we started taking this, and my kids eczema has not flared up this summer. MIND YOU - this is only a food, not a drug and has different effects on each person, but I am hooked for life! Sorry, I was going to keep this strictly updates on us, but I somehow think this counts. :) Check out our website (linked on the blog) for details of what is in it and how cool it is!

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