Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life is GREAT!!!

Well, if life wasn't exciting enough... the basement flooded again! This has happened every year since we bought the house. It is always the same thing - the sewer drain! So, the house smells like sewer water, everything in my scrap/storage room is wet and grose, and Shawn is getting to use his "Bob the Builder skills" again. This time the main pipe broke too, so he got to replace all that, rent the HUGE snake to snake the pipe, and then was AWSOME and helped me clean up the mess. Life is GREAT!!!


Ted said...

it looks like you need to come borrow a ladder!!!! nice set up!

Wayne and Amber said...

Not fun! I can just hear your voice as you tell me how gross it all was!

Music is my Life said...

oh fun!:)
i LOVE sarah's pictures by the way. Tell her that I hate to "just smile" too:)
Love you guys!

Kelly said...

What a pain Heather. But.... it does help when your husband is willing to help with the mess. Cute blog by the way. You can look at mine at