Friday, November 13, 2009

school projects this month

For science this year we are doing biology... I hate biology!!! We have hatched sea monkeys, are watching an ant farm, and today we did experiments with worms!!! We are yet to dissect things... The kids seem to like it.

In English we talked about the book "The hungry Caterpillar" Then the kids got to make these really cute ones of their own.

This month we talked about the 1700-1800's when new ideas were starting. The kids got to make their own inventions.... this is what they came up with.

Sarah made an automatic watering system for her flower garden.

Joseph made a giant tube to get his cars from the floor to his car bin (easier) :)

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kelly said...

Cute pictures. I want to see some worm dissecting.I hope you took pictures. :)