Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lately I have been so sad, frustrated, and disappointed with the world and the people in it (including me). I have watched or heard about people taking advantage of others, abusing others, and just being selfish. I have really been disappointed in the children and youth right now. I am a primary teacher and Shawn is in Young Mens, so I get to work with them a lot. It seams that there is a "I deserve it, or I should be rewarded for it" mentality among them all. I am also not blind to the fact that they are being taught that or allowed to be that way by the adults in their lives. It makes me really sad to see all the selfishness.

So, I started working on this in my own life and in my childrens... After only two days I am starting to see how hard this change will be to make even on my little level. It was startling to notice how many things we take for granted or how often I give in to my children because I didn't want them to have to suffer or "wait". I read this great talk on teaching children respect and it is what I am basing my efforts on. I realized that my children are "disrespectful and selfish" because I am not a very good teacher or example of the opposite. I truly want to be able to follow President Monson in his conference talk and think of others first. That is now my latest "new years resolution" for our family - to become less selfish, more respectful, and to do good every day. Anyway, just sharing my thoughts "out loud"....



kelly said...

I loved that. Thanks for sharing!
I think it was you guys who were texting me about diapers. Am I right? :)

Ryan and LeAnn said...

That is an awsome resolution! You have inspired me to try and be less selfish and more helpful to others. Mabey I'll start with more helpful. :) J/k Love ya!