Sunday, May 16, 2010



Last night Jacob fell asleep at around 10:00pm (which is early for him), I wasn't expecting him to go to bed yet so I didn't get in bed until around 11:00... Well, at 4:30am I woke up and looked at the clock and thought "that can't be right." I looked again and thought "oh no, he must be dead (from sids-my biggest fear)". Anyway, I get up to check him and Shawn says, " I just checked on him, he's okay" So I got back in bed and counted the hours out and thought, "FIVE hours! I just got five hours of sleep, and all consecutively!" That is more than the amount of sleep I have gotten most nights total. I'm sure that he will not do it again, since none of my kids have ever slept that long before almost a year old. But, I got some sleep for the first time in 8 weeks!!! Of course our talking woke him up, but that's okay because I was REALLY FULL... :)


kelly said...

YEA for sleep!

Here at home said...

It's amazing how much we as mothers value our sleep. I remember going through that very well with my twins and the night they slept all night, I did the same thing. Here's hoping you he keeps it up.