Saturday, January 22, 2011


My exploding Bottle of Apple Cider.... that wouldn't stop for 30 min!!! The kids thought it was great, but I was sad because it was my favorite flavor. :(
Sarah and Joseph at 11:45pm

Hannah at 11:45pm

Caleb at 11:45pm

Jacobs first New Years!

Caleb didn't like either of the games... So he played the Wii for while. :)


This year Dad had to work so it was just Mom and the Kids... I bought Twister and Battleship, and some apple cider bubbly. The kids thought it was great fun to get me all tangled up, and It was funny to watch them pile on each other. Caleb and Hannah fell asleep right before midnight, but we blew our noise makers, drank our cider, and yelled HAPPY NEW YEARS anyway....and they didn't even move. :) It was lots of fun, and I only wish Dad could have enjoyed it too...

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