Saturday, March 12, 2011

My little Mommy

This is how you will find Hannah at all hours of the day... She takes at LEAST 4 babies with her all through the house and wants so badly for me to let her take them with us on errands. :) Today she has 5 There is the huge "oldest daughter" then there is a sets of newborn twins in the carrier, and then another set of older twins that have their own carriers. :) AND... as you can see she is pregnant with another one "due in a couple months". :)
Jacob is Hannahs FAVORITE doll. Ever since he was "sturdy" enough for her to hold she has been his second mom. She gets him out of the crib (very interesting to watch), she feeds him bottles and babyfood, she plays with him off and on all day, and she is the first one to come to his rescue whenever he whines. :) (right now he weighs 23 lbs and she weighs 32 lbs)

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