Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, Sarah got it.... She is so upset because now she has to miss the primary program tomorrow. The other kids aren't upset at all, but Sarah keeps coming up with ways that she can still go and do her part, like: "mom, I could stand out in the hall and then run in and do my part and then run out and we can go home." " I could just wear one of those masks on my face and do my part." "I am going to think of someway mom, just wait!" Anyway, here we are... AND I didn't know that you are contagious for SEVEN days after you show symptoms! That means we don't even start being normal until TUESDAY!!!!


kelly said...

I cant tell you how sorry I am! Give Sarah a hug for me and tell her she can blame me if she wants to. :)

Brandi Sorensen said...

AWWW SAD for all of you! Sarah, you can perform your part for me next time you see me!

Here at home said...

Yeah, it looks like we have the nasty swine flu here, too. Glad to know everyone in your household survived it.