Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I hate going to the dentist!!!

Okay, so I HATE going to the dentist! I always have. I really hate getting the shot to make you numb, I hate being numb, and I really don't like thinking that they are going to tell me I am hygienically challenged and will have ugly teeth forever. So, just to give you a little background. I NEVER had a cavity until I got pregnant with Sarah. All that pucking etc... did a wonder on my teeth and I had 13 cavities and 4 hours of dental work after she was born - HUMILIATING! Anyway, because I have now been pregnant 5/6 times, my teeth have really taken a beating. Two years ago I paid HIGHLY for a lovely root canal. Well, on Sunday my root canal tooth was a little sensitive and I ask Shawn about it and he said "well, get to the dentist before the new year..." So, I made plans to call the dentist and schedule my appointment. Monday morning I wake up and I have this lovely "growth" inside my mouth attached to that tooth. (I will spare you the details - GROSS) So, I call the dentist and they work me in. To spare you a REALLY long story, they ripped my tooth out!!! I just paid them A LOT of money for that root canal and now it is gone and I get to pay for an implant or bridge! I am not happy! AND I have this huge hole in my mouth until I am not pregnant! AHHHHH! So, I am done ranting - for now... I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST!


Sassy Lewis said...

I agree! I hate it too!! Hang in there! It'll be okay! Have a Merry Christmas!

Brittany Helquist said...

Oh I have been there! Believe it or not! lol My story goes...parents didnt have enough money to spend on dental work, I move out go to the dentist..FINALLY and need a root canal, pay for that only to have it go bad also and I had to pull it! And then, same thing, you have to wait so long for that to heal and get an implant soo in the meantime I get prego with Luke and can't get the implant because of anestesia. And then...As soon as I have Luke, me and Blake both work independently, thus no insurance for us at the moment for dental...Yeah, no fun..Tax Return here we come! lol I feel for ya though!