Saturday, December 12, 2009


Uncle Luke showing us his best side... and Shawn after he cut the tree!

As some of you know our Christmas tree is always a source of "debate". I grew up with a fake tree... Shawn grew up going out and cutting one down and having a live tree... I really don't mind a live tree, exept that Shawn really likes to go to the same place he went to as a kid to get our tree (that is 3 hours away - one way) and I don't prefer that kind of pine tree... So, every year we have our "debate", and I have only won once. It was not this year... So we drove the three hours out to the basin, looked all over for a tree that I could live with, helped Uncle Luke get a load of fire wood, and then drove home. It is a really cute tree, and it looks so pretty all decorated. So.... I will not complain (today :) ) and will just enjoy our pretty Christmas tree.


Sassy Lewis said...

At least it wasn't your backside! Looks great. We do it the easy way and are fake all the way! One day, we will get a real tree. I am just not able to deal with a real one right now.

kelly said...

It's beautiful Heather. I'm with Sassy. I can't deal with a real tree right now. That's right up there with having pets. But, the memories your kids have of cutting one down is priceless!