Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Way fun museum!

Caleb playing with the cars on the map of West Jordan
Joe fishing in the river
Sarah hanging out the babies laundry
Hannah taking care of the baby.
Thanks to Stacy, we went to this way fun museum. It is the Gale Center of Culture and History. They have done a really good job at making history fun for kids. It has a pioneer school house, a "grandmas house" with a kitchen, couch, baby bed, cow to milk, chickens to get eggs from , a laundry line and bucket, a river to fish in, and pets to care for. It also has an old time store with food to pick, a cash register, scale, etc... THEN, it has an indian teepee, a coal mine, a telephone booth, and it is FREE! The kids just get to go and play in all of it and learn history. Anyway, it was fun and we will be back!


Allison0124 said...

That sounds awesome!! Where is it at?

still in the process... said...

The museum is at 10300 S. Beckstead Lane, South Jordan.

Dallin said...

My kids love that museum.

kelly said...

That comment was actually from me. Dallin just started a blog to write his story in. He's writing it in chapters and then publishing each one. I'll let you know about that later.:)